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New Membership Info

New Membership Info


Any person 18 years of age and over expressing an interest in the purposes of this Club and a willingness to abide by the articles of incorporation, bylaws, standard operating procedures and rules may become an active member by applying online, signing our waiver and range rules documents, and paying the appropriate dues and membership fees of the Club.

MEMBERSHIP Application Process

  1. Press the pushbutton below to apply and pay for your membership application.
  2. When submitted, we will send you an email with our Range Rules and  a Waiver. These forms must be e-signed and submitted before your application is approved.  NOTE: It may take up to 5 days for you to receive these emails.
  3. If your spouse also wishes to visit the club, they will also have to e-sign and submit both the Range Rules and Waiver before your application is approved. We email these documents to your Secondary email address.
  4. Once all of the documents are e-signed and your fees paid, we will email you notification of your membership approval.
  5. After your application is approve, you can arrive in the hour prior to a membership meeting (see Calendar for details) to sign your Membership Card and pick up your electronic key card. These are both required for you to access the property after that time.
                        New Member Application

Application and payment is only the first step of the membership process.  Without a signed Range Rules, Waiver and Membership Card, we cannot allow anyone on the property. This Membership Card must be worn by the member in plain sight (not under a jacket, attached to a range bag, hanging on a rear view mirror, etc.), whenever a member is on the club property. 

Membership reference Documents

By-Laws  (See page 5 for explanation of membership types)

Articles of Incorporation 



All memberships are family memberships and are for the member, the member's spouse, their children under the age of 18, their grandchildren under the age of 18 and any children under the age of 18 that the adult members have legal custody over. 

Voting Memberships (See By-Laws)

Regular Membership

Life Memberships

Non-Voting Memberships (See By-Laws)

Provisional Member
(Limited access for special events)

Sponsored Youth Membership

If both the primary member and their spouse plan to be on the club property, both must sign their own paperwork (no proxy signing) and both the primary member AND the spouse must come prior to one of the regular club membership meetings to sign the membership cards.  So to be clear, all members and their spouses have to submit their own signed paperwork and only then will a membership card be issued to them.  This Membership Card must be worn by the member in plain sight (not under a jacket, attached to a range bag, hanging on a rear view mirror, etc.), whenever a member is on the club property. 

Membership Fees
(effective As of March 30th, 2010)

$100 – New Regular Membership
$85 – Regular Membership Renewal
$50 – New Provisional Membership
$35 – Provisional Membership Renewal
$500 - Lifetime* Membership 
*Annual key card charge still applies to these memberships.
$35 – Life Member Card Key renewal
$5 – Sponsored Youth Membership
$15 – Replacement Card Key
$5 – Additional/Extra Card Key (one time charge)
$10 - Replacement Life Member Card

Memberships are on an annual basis and renewed one year from sign-up date.

NOTE: All membership and key card payments must be done by check, credit card or money order.  Cash will NOT BE ACCEPTED!

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Key Cities Conservation Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation. The purpose of this corporation is to create a fraternal spirit among sportsmen and sportswomen, harmonize their interests, unify their action, and solidify them into an association working toward definite ends: specifically the propagation and conservation of game and fish and the equitable harvesting of the surplus; to plan and carry out projects to create an abundance of wildlife; to hold events, with an emphasis on education in shooting, archery, angling, hunting dog training and conservation, and other activities as the board of directors may deem proper.

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