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Key Cities Conservation Club
Past Conservation Projects

We have a long history of working on conservation projects for the protection of our natural resources.  None of these projects would have been accomplished without our members who volunteered their time, private resources and labor to make each project a success.

Wetlands Reserve Program 
We have established a permanent conservation easement (WRP) of 10.8 acres within our property.  (Area 400-012 highlighted in this image)  For more information on the Wetlands Reserve Program press the pushbutton below.

Information on the
Wetlands Reserve Program

Tree Plantings on Gilfillan Lake WMA.
We planted trees in the areas highlighted in this image.  The trees have now grown sufficiently to be a shelter belt for all types of wildlife.

Pictures presently  unavailable

Bluebird, Duck nesting platforms and Wood Duck houses.  Our members have built and maintained bird and waterfowl houses on our property and Gilfillan Lake WMA.

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Key Cities Conservation Club is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation. The purpose of this corporation is to create a fraternal spirit among sportsmen and sportswomen, harmonize their interests, unify their action, and solidify them into an association working toward definite ends: specifically the propagation and conservation of game and fish and the equitable harvesting of the surplus; to plan and carry out projects to create an abundance of wildlife; to hold events, with an emphasis on education in shooting, archery, angling, hunting dog training and conservation, and other activities as the board of directors may deem proper.

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